Website nearly back after our web hosting company trashed the whole thing. Five months blogs lost - not sure what went into them. But I currently have seven things on display in the Midlands Textile Forum exhibition at the church of St Martin in the Bull Ring in Birmingham City Centre. The exhibition is titled "Legacy" - so I have included the two items I did last summer inspired by my great-grandfather's work, and have produced a jacket based on his sketches as well. I have also included the Road to the Isles organza embroidery which I did for my parents' diamond wedding, the Urban Landscape embroidery of St Pauls in the Jewellery Quarter, the Bull Ring cushion which I did as part of the Weavers Spinners & Dyers' Millenium project, and the embroidery of our garden which I did for our silver anniversary in 2002. There is a wide range of items in the exhibition - felt, embroidery (hand and machine), lace, and "mixed media". An interesting collection, and on until 27 May.