I've updated the website with things I've done in the last couple of months, and realised how much my hand operation has set me back. Operation was on 3 September. I rushed to get things finished beforehand, but nly had two items to add to the site, so didn't put them on immediately. It's nearly two months later, and I've not finished anything else enough to photograph. I do have some bits of tatting (done in the pre-op while waiting (all day) for the op, plus some done when I got too frustrated with sitting and not knitting or sewing. I've also done quite a bit of weaving for the WS&D annual exhibition - two pieces for the competition (so they have to be secret for the moment) - and spent a good bit of time winding yarns to dye (next week's project). But I'm feeling quite frustrated that my hand hasn't recovered as fast as I hoped it would!