The Hall Green Art Society exhibition yesterday was good - the weather meant that a smaller Moseley Farmers Market happened in the Moseley Exchange - and a lot more visitors came to the Art Society exhibition. I sold quite a few cards - some printed and some machine embroidered. Today wasn't as successful. I spent out on a supposedly higher-profile craft market at Highbury Hall. One the punters actually have to pay to get in to. However, once in, it didn't seem that people were buying. I sold a few things, but nothing like my stall fee. Beginning to wonder whether craft fairs are worth doing - get up at some horrible hour (left at 7.30), and spend all day and £13 (net loss) in a chilly (if picturesque) room, sewing more things that will probably not sell. Combine that with the rejection (yet again) of my submission for the RBSA Prize exhibition, and you can see why I'm feeling a bit jaundiced!