Tuesday's craft fair at Stirchley baths was disappointing again - though I did take slightly more than las month. But at least two stalls didn't turn up, and there was no hot food - people came hoping to be able to buy their evening meal and eat it there. There was a tea and coffee stand outside, and cakes/bread and chocolate inside, along with hot sauces and jams and cordials. But no proper food. Not sure whether it is worth continuing to go - the biggest problem is that the cafe, which used to provide good meals at very reasonably prices, has closed. So little to draw people out on a cold evening. On a more cheerful note, I do continue to sell the occasional item to friends and acquaintances, and at the Rest House in Bournville. This Saturday (11 May) I will be demonstrating/helping warping up inkle looms - and I'll have my dyed fabric and yarns from the WS&D Open Day on display. Cotteridge Meeting House with the Weavers Spinners & Dyers