I had a couple of exhausting days at the Festival of Quilts (think I saw all the quilts on display - may have missed a few, but I have over 200 photos and that was just the ones I liked). I bought a bit more for the quilt I should be making for my daughter's wedding guest book, and some water-based oil pastels to experiment with. The comments on my Make-do-and-Mend waistcoat at the Quilt Show were positive - mostly"good", with a couple of "excellent" ratings. I thought they displayed it well - in fact all the "quilt creations were displayed pretty well (but I still don't know why they picked the winner they did! Now thinking about tomorrow's community fair at Stirchley Baths. It seems a long time since the last craft fair - hope my card reader still works! I have a couple of new watercolours to take on cards - perhaps I should print them on to postcards as well? Not sure what I've got apart from that - the usual dyed yarns (I have some more that need labelling), and woven shawls (not that there's much call for them at the moment), plus watercolours and cards, and textile jewellery.