I had hoped that by now I would be well into working for the next MTF exhibition (and of April in Ledbury). But I have a really nasty cough/cold virus, which is definitely sapping my creativity. Since the last post (nearly 3 weeks ago) I've finished my knitted and felted skirt (which I'm really pleased with - it fits, it's flattering, and it's one of the UFOs I was trying to do for the Online WSD Guild). I also finished my ply-split braided necklace (another success). Last Monday I talked to Leicestershire Quilters on "How I got to where I am now". In retrospect, perhaps I should have spent more time on details of individual items, but they seemed to enjoy it, in spite of problems getting access to the meeting venue. The landscapes course is interesting, though I'm still not sure that my ideas fit with it, but I had a really good course on drawing (people) with stitch last week - I've finally put the foreground people on to my Rolling English Road.