Today's (19 March) talk for the Marches Embroiderers and Textiles group has been postponed to July 2021. All the things I was planning to do from last Tuesday (17 March) have been cancelled or postponed. At the moment we haven't cancelled the MTF exhibition at the end of April, but it looks unlikely to go ahead. Hoping for the July one in Wem. I'm working on a new net curtain that I was intending to put into that, and also into the Festival of Quilts in August (if that goes ahead) Birmingham Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers annual exhibition on 9 May has been cancelled, but we assume the WS&D National Exhibition (submission end of May, but actual exhibition in September) will go ahead. I'm working on some weaving for that. I've avoided the last textiles course day - decided I didn't want to stop my social distancing. Going to the local shop is one thing, spending all day with even half a dozen others who I don't know (so don't have friends in common) is much more risky in my opinion.