Over two months since I last wrote on the blog! This is mostly because the Covid-19 lockdown continues. Although I'm not quite 70, Peter is 72, so we are shielding/being very careful, staying in. I'm not attempting to make anything speculative to sell, though I've made a few things on commission in the last couple of months, and I've made things for my grandsons. There are still some of my flowers and cards in the Rest House on Bournville Green, and I would be happy to sell via Etsy or from home. I have experimented with ecoprinting, but not made any final items from that. We had two weeks at the end of July in Scotland - a welcome break, in spite of the weather and the work that needed doing on the Schoolhouse. Weather wasn't conducive to sketching - wet and/or windy most days - and I've not decided whether the two sketches I did need more work before I scan them in. The big thing I've done in the last three months that I've not yet put on the website is a climbing frame tent - this took two attempts to get it to fit properly (which I hope I've now managed) - so hasn't yet been photographed. And I did get a mixed media piece into the RBSA Friends Online exhibition - which is still on until 5 September 2020.