I've just finished a really good online course by Carolyn Nixon on printing with leaves The course was Foundation skills for ecoprinters, an online course over 4 weeks, exploring the basic processes for ecoprinting using plants from the garden and a simple iron mordant, on silk and linen fabrics. Very clear information - a combination of text (which we got as a pdf at the end) and videos, with more released each week. We started by "auditioning" leaves on fabric dipped in an iron solution, to see which of the leaves we had would give a print with iron. Progressed to making arrangements of the leaves we'd tested, and doing mirror images and ghost prints, using barriers to avoid prints where we didn't want them. There was a lot of support from Carolyn and from other course members on the Facebook page, where we shared our results and got advice. I've ended up with a silk top and a remade cotton/wool shirt, printed with leaves from my garden, and some fabric for a skirt which I'm debating overprinting. Plus a silk scarf, a 1m square piece of silk twill (shawl?), a long cotton scarf and a lot of smaller samples which would be good for machine embroidery. I'll be putting photographs of some things on the website today - others will go on when they have been made up or used in embroidery etc.