I've finally put my December work on the website - it's a record of what I've been doing. I don't think anyone reads my blogs, but my website is really a form of vanity publishing. I've produced my usual calendar - 12 A4 pages of my work over the year. I used to produce it particularly for my brother, but several people said they would still like it, so I've continued even though he died in October. Available as a pdf file to print out for £2, or I could print and email a copy (without binder) for £10. Apart from that I'm taking part in the WSD Online Guild UFO (unfinished objects) workshop - so far tatting a round robin doyley and knitting dragon socks. Also need to update the photos on my page on the MTF website, to reflect what I've done in the last year - combining weaving with machine embroidery is possibly what I want to continue with this year