After Christmas I was finding it difficult to get started on new work, so decided to take part in the Online Guild (WSD) WIP (work in progress) workshop - basically finding things that had stalled a bit and finishing them off. I managed to finish the tatted Round Robin that was due for the Scattered Tatters meeting on 5 February, and I also finished the dragon socks that I started in September. Then as I was trying get sorted for the next workshop, I came down with yet another cold. This started as a sore throat, and has progressed to a really nasty cough, which nothing seems to help. I've had it 2 weeks already, and not feeling that much better. But I did test negative for Covid! I have also managed to finish a partly-done ply-split braided "vessel" (not yet photographed), and revised the Christmas card painting. This afternoon I thought I was feeling a bit better, but this evening I feel like I'm trying to cough up my teeth again!