Title:Ecoprinting samples July 2020
Date:Jul 2020
Original Size: 1.5m x 60 cm
Notes: Samples of cotton fabric printed with leaves from the garden. This was work done on an online course with the Weavers Spinners & Dyers, using plants from the garden, plus some "blankets" dipped in madder or onion skin dyebaths. The cotton was mordanted with aluminium acetate in advance, the leaves, some dipped in iron water, acid or alkali, were laid on, then the fabric rolled tightly round a pipe and steamed for 2-3 hours. I left it to cool and soak overnight, then unwrapped, allowed to dry, then rinsed and dried again. I'm still not sure if I really like the general colour palette that one gets with ecoprinting, though some of my results were fairly good.... These are generally not for sale, they are materials for further work
Groups: Dyeing
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