Title:Natural dyeing Online Guild workshop
Date:Aug 2019
Original Size: 3 foot across
Notes: I took part in a workshop organised by the WS&D Online Guild - Natural Dyeing for a Painter's Palette. A bit more formal than my usual "throw things in and see what happens" approach - and a very successful result. Dyes used: Top row (left to right): White – what I started from; black – madder overdyed with walnut and logwood, modified with iron; purple – cochineal overdyed with light indigo; lilac – cochineal second exhaust with medium indigo; cold blue – logwood (22% alum); warm blue – indigo; olive green – onion skin exhaust, medium indigo; turquoise – weld second exhaust, light indigo; grass green – weld first exhaust, light indigo. Bottom row (left to right): Brown – walnut shells and hulls, modified with iron; cold red – cochineal; warm red – cochineal with madder; pink – cochineal first exhaust; orange red – madder; orange – annatto; orange yellow – onion skins; cold yellow – weld; warm yellow – onion skins exhaust. These are supplies for future projects, not items for sale!
Groups: Dyeing
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