Title:Natural dyeing from WSD June 2019 meeting
Date:Jun 2019
Original Size: 3 foot across
Notes: This is the natural dyeing I organised for the WS&D dyers picnic in June 2019. Another wet day but we had a reasonable dyeing success. Dyes used: Cochineal; coreopsis (2-year-old dyebath from Wendy); dahlia (another old dyebath from Wendy – she’d picked out the darker-coloured flowers, but I’m not sure that made any difference); barberry bark (from Joy Gough, so 20+ years old); lichen (collected from the Lizard by a previous member in the 1960s) extracted with ammonia; Wellingtonia wood chips I got from a woodcarver at Nature in Art; coreopsis overdyed with indigo; barberry overdyed with indigo; indigo; logwood. The skein of mohair across the front was dip dyed in several of the dyebaths, and will be a warp for my scarf loom (the mohair started off pale lilac – the beige bit at the front was from the barberry dyebath). These are not for sale - they are supplies for another project
Groups: Dyeing
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