Title:My happy place weaving
Date:Apr 2021
Original Size: 140x50 cm
Notes: Fabric woven on my scarf loom for the WSD challenge April 2021 - title "the great escape". After a difficult lockdown, it was a real relief to escape to Argyll for a few days. Woven on my scarf loom with a combination of Colinette space-dyed mohair/wool/nylon for the warp (vertical in the picture) and a range of natural and commercial-dyed mohair/nylon and other yarns for the weft. This was woven as a sample for a piece of fabric, to be felted (in the washing machine) and then combined with machine embroidery and knitting. I could do something similar for £60 or so, but would have to dye a warp, as Colinette have gone out of business several years ago
Groups: Knapdale
Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Exhibited At: Birmingham Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers The Great Escape
Online Open day
Original Artwork: Not available
Prints Available For: £2.0
Cards: £2.0
Postcards: £0.2