Title:The road to the Isles
Date:Mar 2008
Original Size: 36"x32"
Notes: A picture on nylon organza designed to be used as a net curtain - a diamond wedding present for my parents, to hang in their downstairs cloakroom. It shows sunset behind Jura, from above the Schoolhouse. The hills and islands are in about the right proportions, though maybe not in quite the right place relative to each other!
Groups: Knapdale
West coast
Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Exhibited At: RBSA Open March 08
Midlands Textile Forum Legacy
Church of St Martin in the Bull Ring
Achnamara Village Hall Natural Talent
Achnamara, Argyll
Midlands Textile Forum Natural Threads
Aardvark Books, Brampton Bryan
Original Artwork: Not available
Prints Available For: £10.0
Cards: £1.0
Postcards: £0.5