Title:Dragon socks
Date:Feb 2022
Original Size: size 4-5 foot
Notes: Dragon socks based on the pattern "Here be dragons" by Emma Bermudez. I needed some socks to demonstrate the magic loop on circular needles, and knitting two socks at once on a circular needle. My daughter-in-law had pointed out the pattern, and I thought it looked interesting. They were a lot of work! The pattern is very complicated, and I didn't find it that easy to follow. I used remnants of sock yarn - the main colour left over from my mother knitting socks for my father in the 1960s, the other bits from my own sock knitting. Decided I wasn't going to knit a lot of bits to add on, so they didn't get legs. And only the second one got a ridge of spines along the back. I don't particularly want to pass them on to anyone else!
Groups: Knitted garments
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