Title:Shadow fractal/domino bag
Date:Mar 2017
Original Size: 7 inches wide and 11 inches high
Notes: This bag uses samples of knitting which I made as experiments for a skirt. I wanted to try out the Koch fractal pattern which I found online via Ravelry. My first attempt was the bit I've used as the pocket, but I didn't enjoy doing the heavily stacked increases and decreases of the second half, and I also thought it was a bit tight when felted. So I increased the needle size, and only did the first part of the fractal (fox paw) stitch. This left me with a zigzag top, and I decided to continue the fabric using domino patchwork knitting, with the shadow knitting technique of alternate garter and stocking stitch, changing the colour of the garter ridge between squares. I also liked the idea of increasing the size of squares as I continued. When I finished the knitting, I felted it in the washing machine, as I did with the shadow shells jacket I wove the strap on the inkle loom using cotton knitting yarns, with a bit of space-dyed viscose/glitter to lift it, and lined the bag with a bit of hand-dyed cotton.
Groups: Knitted garments
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