Title:Scumbled crazy paving waistcoat
Date:Feb 2004
Original Size: 36 inch bust
Notes: This waistcoat was started as a sample on a knitting in different directions workshop in about 1992. I had a sample about 12 inches square, and no particular use for it until I got it out when I went to demonstrate at Cheltenham in 2002 or 2003. I had no other knitting in progresss, and was at the show for 3 days - by the end of that I had the main pieces for the back and two fronts. Put them together, tried on, undid and added more... eventually ended up with this. Forgot to photograph it when finished, only remembered when I was revamping the website in 2017 - so well worn and washed already. A mixture of cotton, cotton/viscose, linen etc. yarns with eyelash yarns. It's supposed to represent grass growing up through broken paving slabs.
Groups: Gardens
Knitted garments
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