Title:Shadow shells felted patchwork jacket
Date:Nov 2012
Original Size: 36 inch bust
Notes: Jacket knitted in a collection of shetland-weight yarns. I based the shape on the Horst Schultz patchwork jumpers, and the stitch pattern on a cushion cover called shadow shells. Knitted from the shoulders downwards. Each shell is picked up from the two above, and knitted with regular decrases to give the curves. The shell pattern has garter ridges on alternate stripes, so although I used the same two colours in the same proportions in the shells across each row, they have alternate colours more prominent. Having finished the knitting (right hand picture), I put the garment in the washing mashine to felt it. First on a wool wash, and when that didn't felt it enough, in a 40degree wash with some clothes to add friction. I washed it again before I got round to taking the second picture - it may have felted a little too much now. I could possible recreate it - but it took a year to knit, and quite a bit of yarn, so the price would be at least £5-600
Groups: Knitted garments
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