Title:Lockdown - forbidden city
Date:Jul 2020
Original Size: 52x27 cm
Notes: Watercolour started for a Hall Green Art Society "lockdown" challenge: the view from my window. Based on photographs taken standing on a ladder in our loft, this shows most of the main buildings in the city centre - which we were forbidden to go to as we were shielding from Covid-19. I enjoyed painting it - it's one of the biggest watercolours I've ever done - and I'm pleased with the result. This is one I'm keeping for myself
Groups: England
Exhibited At: Hall Green Art Society Monthly challenge
Hall Green Art Society Monthly challenge
RBSA Friends 2021
Brook Street Birmingham
Hall Green Art Society Spring 2022
Moseley Exchange
Original Artwork: Not available
Prints Available For: £10.0
Cards: £2.0
Postcards: £0.4