Title:Dare to be Free
Date:Jun 2018
Original Size: 5 foot 6 or so
Notes: This suffragist is a member of the Womens Freedom League. They advocated less-violent protests, and had the colours green, gold and white. She is wearing an "artistic" dress and jacket - based on designs by my great-grandfather, who was on the edge of the pre-Raphaelite movement. She has a parasol, as the marchers on 17 June 1911 were asked not to wear hats. The dress and jacket were ones I had made previously. Sash with suffragette badge added. The parasol was inherited with a rotten silk cover, so I've recovered it in Womens Freedom League colours
Groups: Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Textile garments
Textile structures
Exhibited At: Midlands Textile Forum No Shrinking Violets Here - Sewing the Seeds of Equality - expanded exhibition
Nicholson Gallery, Leek, Staffordhsire Moorlands
Original Artwork: Not available
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