Title:Facemasks to give away
Date:Jun 2020
Original Size: adult
Notes: Having made facemasks for me and the family, I also made some for charity, and a few for friends - again using glazed cotton or recycled cotton shirting for the outside, but this time using satin-back panama (fabric left over from making poi socks) for the lining. These ones have a pocket, so you can insert an extra filter (coffee filter, folded kitchen roll) between the two layers. Elastic ear loops that people can cut to fit. I charged £5 - a donation to the charity of their choice - for these. I found them fiddly to make, and don't particularly want to make any more, but I have a few of the pleated ones that the charity never collected that are still available
Groups: Textile garments
Original Artwork: Available
Price For Original Artwork: £5.0
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