Title:Make do and mend waistcoat
Date:Apr 2019
Original Size: 36 inch bust
Notes: Waistcoat produced for the Birmingham WS&D competition in April 2019 - "recycle/upcycle". Made from my librarian's twinset cardigan (unfortunately if got mothed), plus a shirt of Peter's that had worn out at the collar, and some squares of blanket that I'd dyed with natural dyes. I felted the cardigan in the washing machine, then took it to pieces, and unravelled the cotton cuffs and welts. I made a waistcoat lining from the shirt, machine-darning where the buttonholes came, and then pieced the felted cardigan and dyed blanket pieces on to that, trying to produce a “woven” looking fabric, using 2/3/5 inch modules. I topstitched the joins using natural dyed yarn (some from the original knitting) in the bottom bobbin of the machine. The border bands were woven on an inkle loom using the unravelled welt yarns from the cardigan and some additional natural dyed 4-ply for the warp, with natural-dyed Aran wefts They were then backstitched to the edges. I put it into the competition - it just won - Gemma's bag got the same total score, but I got more first choices.
Groups: Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Textile garments
Exhibited At: Twisted Thread Festival of Quilts 2019
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