Title:My happy place embroidery
Date:Aug 2021
Original Size: fits 36 inch chest
Notes: Machine embroidery on the back (lining?) of a waistcoat. The waistcoat is reversible - the other side is made from the "my happy place" weaving. The cotton for this layer was treated with soda, and the figures sketched freehand with thickened dye. After rinsing it was treated with soda again, then tray dyed in pleats to give the wave effect. Pieces of fabric were then pieced to fit the waistcoat shape, and then layered with shaded organza and machine embroidered. After that I cut the felted weaving and the cotton to fit my waistcoat pattern, and sewed them together. Eventually I will quilt through the layers. Produced for the Midlands Textile Forum exhibition "Discoveries" at Foxlowe Gallery in Leek, August 2021
Groups: Knapdale
Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Textile garments
Exhibited At: Midlands Textile Forum Discoveries
Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek
Birmingham Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers Annual exhibition and competition 2021
Cotteridge Meeting House
Midlands Textile Forum Discoveries (continued)
Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton on Trent
Hall Green Art Society Spring 2022
Moseley Exchange
Midlands Textile Forum Evolve (expanded)
Weavers Gallery Ledbury
Midlands Textile Forum Sense of place
Nature in Art, Twigworth, Gloucestershire
Midlands Textile Forum Sense of Place (Nottingham)
Nottingham Society of Artists
Original Artwork: Not available
Prints Available For: £5.0
Cards: £2.0
Postcards: £0.4