Title:Dun a Bhuilg textile remounted
Date:Mar 2008
Original Size: 15x13
Notes: I remounted the Dun A Builg textile picture and framed it to show the layers better. The original version was done for a Midlands Textile Forum exhibition, which had to be unframed and not more than 30cm in any direction
Groups: Kilmory present
Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Exhibited At: Achnamara Village Hall Artnamara
Midlands Textile Forum Thread and Thrum - a textile showcase
Aardvark Books, Brampton Bryan
Midlands Textile Forum Inspired by flora
Leek, Staffordshire
RBSA Open March 08
The Court Cupboard Craft Gallery April-May 2015
Midlands Textile Forum Ten years on
Artrix, Bromsgrove
Original Artwork: Available
Price For Original Artwork: £400.0
Prints Available For: £10.0
Cards: £1.0
Postcards: £0.5