Title:Flotsam and jetsam
Date:Mar 2020
Original Size: 60 inches square
Notes: Machine embroidered "net curtain" with inclusions - layered organza, on a background of painted organza, with appliqued other fabrics, transfoil... and trapped inclusions from beachcombing. My reaction to the changing results from beachcombing over the last 50 years. The panel on the right has natural items, including (from bottom to top) twigs, small coloured shells, larger coloured shells, bleached (older) shells, and finally fossils. The one on the left has manmade objects - shaped wood, nylon string, plastic detritus (getting gradually more water-worn) then fragments of china and water-worn glass. I'm not absolutely sure this is the final version, and also not sure which way up it should be hung.... Produced for the (cancelled) MTF exhibition in Ledbury which should have been in April-May 2020. Probably going to be kept in the family, but I could produce something similar for £200-300
Groups: Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Exhibited At: Twisted Thread Festival of Quilts 2020 (online)
Online only
Original Artwork: Not available
Prints Available For: £5.0
Cards: £2.0
Postcards: £0.2