Title:You and I went down the lane (with ale mugs)
Date:Feb 2020
Original Size: 1.4mx70cm
Notes: My Rolling English Road hanging was always meant to have figures in the foreground, but until I went on a course in January 2020, I wasn't sure how to do them. This is the result - some of the figures done on the course, some done at home afterwards. Having revamped the hanging, I've changed the title, as it is a picture of two people walking down the road. Based on the GK Chesterton poem - the particular lines this illustrates are "When you and I went down the lane with ale mugs in our hands, the night we went to Glastonbury by way of Goodwin Sands". This is mounted on a white linen background, but the backing could be removed to make it into a net curtain
Groups: England
Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Exhibited At: RBSA Prize 2020
Brook Street Birmingham (and Online exhibition)
Original Artwork: Available
Price For Original Artwork: £1000.0
Prints Available For: £10.0
Cards: £2.0
Postcards: £0.4