Title:Galaxy/solar system cushion
Date:Nov 2012
Original Size: 18 inches wide by 15 inches high
Notes: The cusion which I produced for the WS&D annual competition in 2012. The title was The galaxy or The solar system. My original plan was to dye the blanket section with acid dyes and then machine embroider, with added yarns and beads. I decided I needed a dyed back section, and found a space dyed piece which could fit the Solar System description - so quilted and machine embroidered that. I then made a peruvian braid using space-dyed and acid dyed yarns to go round the edge. All this work was worht it - I won the Guild competition!
Groups: Textile pictures and exhibition entries
Original Artwork: Available
Price For Original Artwork: £100.0
Prints Available For: £5.0
Cards: £1.0
Postcards: £0.1