Title:Roses at Upavon
Date:Feb 2015
Original Size: a4
Notes: This is the embroidery/tatting I did for my mother's birthday in 2009 - it was mislaid in the stress of my father going in to hospital, but found when we were clearing the house, and has now been reframed and modified. Having taken it to a RBSA crit session, I have modified it further, and reframed it
Groups: England
Textile cards
Exhibited At: Hall Green Art Society Autumn 2015
Hall Green Methodist Church
Hall Green Art Society Spring 2013
Chatterton Hall, Hall Green
Hall Green Art Society Spring 2016
Moseley Exchange Building
Hall Green Art Society Woodbridge Gallery 2013
Woodbridge Gallery, Moseley
Hall Green Art Society Spring 2017
All Saints Centre, Kings Heath
Hall Green Art Society Winter 2015
Shirley Baptist Church
Midlands Textile Forum Following a Thread
Nature in Art Wallworth Gallery, Twigworth near Gloucester
Aardvark Books Volume, Contrast, Brilliance
Brampton Bryan, Ludlow, 2015
Aardvark Books Weft and Warp
Brampton Bryan, near Ludlow
Original Artwork: Available
Price For Original Artwork: £60.0
Prints Available For: £1.0
Cards: £1.0
Postcards: £0.1